The Global Taekwon-do Federation(GTF) was formed in 1990 under the leadership of the famous late GrandMaster Park Jung Tae, 9th Degree Black Belt, who was ranked as the leading technical trainer in the world until his death on April 11, 2002. The name "Park Jung Tae" is no newcomer to the world of martial arts. For development of Taekwon-do and is name is synonymous with technical perfection. As a result, GrandMaster Park is ranked as the leading technical trainer of Taekwon-do in the world today. Due to his dedication and devotion as a man of honor and a teacher who possesses te true spirit of Taekwon-do, GrandMaster Park has become a legend in Taekwon-do circles and is sought after throughout the world to conduct seminars and training courses.

Since its inception, the Global Taekwon-do Federation has emerged as the ultimate non-political martial arts organization in the world, and is proud to be free of any political pressures. In a short period of time, the rapid growth of GTF as an International organization as been astronomical, boasting strong affiliates on every continent. Tis Federation inspires people. People feel confident that when they join a GTF affiliated school, they are getting quality training from highly skilled Instructors. Belonging to the right organization can mean the difference between being good and being great.

The main objectives of the GTF are to promote Taekwon-do worldwide and to provide a peaceful world through moral, physical and cultural unification between national member organizations. The GTF wants to achieve excellence in all aspects of its organization and provide a safe and happy training environment for its members. The GTF has now emerged as the ultimate non-political martial arts organization in the world, and has strong affiliates on every continent.

The largest affiliate at this time is the European Global Taekwon-do Council (EGTC), which was set up to organise the European countries. The EGTC is a very strong part of the GTF and is growing rapidly, due to its Chairman, Mr. Per Andresen, from Norway, the EGTC Vice-Chairman, Mr.Roy Oldham, from England and the EGTC Director, Mr. Per Gaines from Norway who have been instrumental in the success of the EGTC. Their respect and loyalty to GrandMaster Park has been evident by their unyielding devotion and dedication of the Global Taekwon-do Federation.

The GTF has members from around the world. The first attraction is of course the expertise of GrandMaster Park Jung Tae whose attention to detail and unique ability to communicate to all nationalities regardless of language has become known in many countries as the "Peoples Master". GrandMaster Park really cares about his members and about preserving traditional Taekwon-do. Our membership consists of people from all nations and all walks of life, but we all have one common bond: The Global Taekwon-do Federation. There is a second attraction and that is the attitude of the GTF family, which is caring supportive and genuinely interested in training in the traditional art of Taekwon-do. Anyone can learn self-defence, but to truly derive all the benefits of Taekwon-do training one must be prepared to learn the history of the Art, understand the philosophy of the oriental culture as well as the definition of the patterns and the purpose of the movements. GrandMaster Park's easy to learn methods of teaching encourage practitioners at all levels of training resulting in their quick development of special technical skills, which are much needed in the 1990s.

The immediate goal of the Global Taekwon-do Federation is to achieve excellence in all aspects of its organization and to provide a happy training environment for all its members. GTF practitioners will be recognised for their superior knowledge and technical skills and will be proud to be part of this Federation. Every step of the way, a GTF member is tested throughout his or her training. Not only a Master and Instructors undergo intensive training personally conducted by GrandMaster Park Jung Tae, but seminars are given on a regular basis in different centres around the world to keep them technically up to date and informed on GTF movements. These Masters and Instructors work diligently to provide excellent leadership in the true spirit of Taekwon-do and take the initiative to ensure their students are learning the proper techniques.

The long term goal of the GTF is to resolve the difference between all the Taekwon-do organizations and bring about the true identity of Taekwon-do under one umbrella, thus uniting all Taekwon-do practitioners around the world. Through the Global Taekwon-do Federation this can be done.

The 1st GTF congress was the founding congress in Toronto, Canada - October 1990. The second congress was in Moscow, Russia - October 1993. The third congress was in Sardinia, Italy - May 1995.

The GTF organisation consists of:

The National Organisations consisting of:
The current president of the GTF is Mrs.Linda Park.

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